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Why donate to Southlake Carroll ISD?

Carroll ISD is a property-wealthy, Chapter 41 (Robin Hood) district. This means that the school funding formula caps the amount of property value tax collections that Carroll ISD can keep on the M&O side of the budget. Any value increases above the state-set cap, do not go to benefit Carroll ISD’s M&O budget.

In addition to your school taxes, which is the largest part of your local bill, you pay county, city, hospital and college district taxes. Each entity sets a local tax rate which is applied to your home value. For instance, Carroll ISD’s M&O tax rate of $1.04 per $100 assessed valuation, is added to the I&S tax rate of $.35 per $100 assessed valuation, to create a $1.39 total school tax rate.

School districts that are property-wealthy like Carroll, must surrender taxes collected on the M&O budget to property poor districts.

Under the current school finance formula, CISD estimates to pay $19 million as part of the Robin Hood recapture payment in 2016-2017.

For an average-valued home, the total property tax bill for 2017 was $8,355; the state keeps $29.9% to redistribute to other school districts.

Because of Robin Hood, Carroll ISD keeps $5,857 and $2,498 is recaptured; in the future if property values grow, CISD does not get to keep the additional taxes collected on the M&O budget; CISD only keeps the I&S tax collections, which helps pay for new debt.

From 2001 to the current budget, Carroll ISD’s total Chapter 41 Robin Hood recapture payments have been $215 million. Despite state funding cuts and deficit budgets, the district has been able to give 3 percent raises and manage through growth using short-term portable building options.


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